Yarka St. Petersburg Watercolour Sets <font color="#FF9900"><b><i>*staff pick!</i></b> -
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Yarka St. Petersburg Watercolour Sets *staff pick!
St. Petersburg Watercolours are sure to bring your colour palette to new heights!

Made in Russia, Yarka professional quality watercolours are liquid-poured and remain semi-moist even as pan or cake watercolours. This results in rich, vibrant colour that disperses beautifully with water application. The fabulous colour intensisty remains even while exhibiting dreamy translucency and flawless washes. Yarka Watercolours are manufactured in the same St. Petersburg factory that has been producing this watercolour range for over 100 years. The finest raw materials available, years of experience and the liquid-poured process combine to produce the highest grade of watercolour possible, guaranteeing excellent light and colourfastness.

Note: Colour Chips are approximate.
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