Creativity Wellness Box 2023 #8

September has officially started, with school back in session, summer winding down and the spooky month just on the horizon, there’s a lot going on right now! Whether you need a creative outlet to keep track of everything or something to draw all those amazing and inspired ideas this fall, this is the box for you! 

This box includes two Fabriano staple bound notebooks, a notetaking set by Stabilo, several fineliners, markers, coloured pencils and a pouch to carry them! 

Having something you can draw in while you’re on the go is no doubt appealing to any artist, however sometimes what we have available to us can be limited. So how can we spice up a mono tone sketch we did with pen or pencil? We add colour to it!
A black pen drawing can have a lot of value and strong lines to it, but can be missing something to make it truly pop. A striking way to enhance it and draw our eyes to the important areas of our work is adding a single colour like red. A single note of colour in an otherwise black and white piece can completely transform the work. 

Of course you don’t need to stick with one colour, you can use multiple and achieve a sort of stained glass look. 

Now what about in terms of notetaking, how does extra colours and fineliners help us? Well you can create your own colour coding system, use fineliners to underline or add some extra notes in the margins of the paper or drawing a picture to go with the task at hand. 


Explore, have fun, and be amazed by the creativity within you!

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