Creativity Wellness Box 2023 #6

It’s July which means Summer is in full swing and so is the artistic inspiration. Famous painter, Frida Kahlo, was born July 6th 1907, she was well known for her stunning portraits that mixed realism with fantasy. There is no shortage of beauty, meaning and creativity in her work. With this month’s Wellness Box you too can discover and create bright and beautiful pieces and maybe challenge yourself, take inspiration from Frida Kahlo herself and experiment with symbolism and iconography!

This month’s box includes a variety high quality watercolor supplies. including a Daniel Smith 66 Dot Card, great for testing the wide range of paints by Daniel Smith at a fraction of the cost. The Aquash Water Brush, the self-wetting brush can create broad strokes to fine lines. Marabu Art Crayons that offer a unique buttery smooth consistency that’s easy and fun to use (please note the Marabu Art Crayons are included in the SHARED box ONLY). Lastly Cretacolor AquaGraph Colours Pocket Set, this set includes several earthy tone water-soluble pencils packaged in a metal tin for easy travel.
Speaking of travel, all these products are great for the on-the-go artist and travellers alike. These easy to use and easy to travel with art supplies are perfect for all your summer fun.

Explore, have fun, and be amazed by the creativity within you!

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Remember - our customer service team is here to help with any questions, or creative suggestion with this month's box or any other ideas you have that are waiting to be explored!

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