The Time it Takes to Draw

We all know drawing takes time, and how much time we allot ourselves can drastically change the outcome of our final pieces. While it can be frustrating when our latest piece feels like it's taking too long, there is also the opposite side of the spectrum where too little time can cause us to feel overwhelmed. However both sides provide us with many important skills. 

Constricting yourself to a short time limit can train our brain to draw faster, see shapes and lines more clearly. Our observational skills are sharpened as we learn what is important to include in the piece. 

While having more time can ease our minds we can also become complacent and unmotivated in the process. Subconsciously our minds will tell us we have more time than we actually have.
At the same time, when we have that time we can achieve some beautiful results. We can study our subjects in greater detail, we may notice things we never saw before and analyze how lighting and shading works on the subject matter. 

One minute gives us time to lay down the ground work to a piece. This step is important for blocking out shapes and putting down important visual landmarks. 

Five minutes not only allows us to put in a few more details and some shading but let's us capture the the proportions more closely. 

Fifteen minutes lets us get loads more details and shading in. Our proportions are far more accurate and we can get in the minute visual landmarks we usually miss when trying to stick with a short amount of time. 

Creative tutorials are a chance to explore your creativity and try techniques that you've never explored or want to hone your skills at.

Follow along with turotials on acrylic pouring to image transer and beyond. Endless possibilities and infinite creativity!

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