Acrylic Gel Skins

Think beyond the brush with this fun tutorial to add dimension and exploration to your art with acrylic paint gel skins.

You will need:

  • Polyethene plastic sheets, plastic bags
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Acrylic Mediums
  • Paint/Palette knives
  • Canvas, Wood Paint Panels or Illustration Board

Quick Tip! Get all your materials ready before you start, that way everything is on hand.

Step 1

Mix acrylic paint and gel medium in a 1:1 ratio. Apply to a non-porous surface like polyethylene sheets or heavier 4mil. plastic bags (the Curry's bags work great). application should be at least 1mm thick, thinner application will tear as you peel it off.

Acrylic skins step one

Step 2

Allow the applied paint to fully dry. Depending on the thickness of the paint film, anywhere from 12-24 hours is recommended. Gently peel off the dried acrylic paint film.

Step 3

Use your acrylic paint skins as you made them, or cut them into new shapes!

Acrylic skins step 3

Step 4

Now your acrylic paint skins are ready to use! Add them to an acrylic painting (use clear gel medium to adhere to substrate), or create a new fun collage with your acrylic paint skins.

Acrylic skins step 4

Enjoy the Creative Possibilities!

Enjoy the creative possibilities

Creative tutorials are a chance to explore your creativity and try techniques that you've never explored or want to hone your skills at.

Follow along with turotials on acrylic pouring to image transer and beyond. Endless possibilities and infinite creativity!

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