Painting & Lining with Posca

Posca Acrylic Paint Markers are non-toxic, water-based POSCA markers are alcohol and solvent free with great coverage, blendability and opacity. They are perfect for both beginners and pros, combing the versatility and familiarity of a marker/pen with high quality acrylic paint. 

Our artist starts off by putting down some line art. For artists who like a crisp art style with solid and tidy lines you will either love or hate this step.

Line art often involves having a steady hand and the slightest jerk of motion or distraction can lead to mistakes - or happy little accidents! When this happens it's important not to get discouraged, there are many ways to work with or save your latest masterpiece.
If you're looking for a fresh start you can apply a thin layer of white acrylic paint, apply more layers as needed and give a light sanding once dry to give the area a slight tooth. 
Those of you who aren't looking to start fresh with the affected area and want to instead, work with it, depends on several factors. Most importantly it depends on you, take a moment to envision what you can see this line becoming. Take into consideration the rest of your piece; what are your current motifs? are you painting flowers in space? maybe turn that line into a stem of the trail of a rocket.

 After the first layer of line art, the artist begins to apply colours to their piece. They use a palette of soft colours. The decision of painting the canvas black makes these soft colors pop. The addition of the dots fill in that empty space and almost give a feel of weightlessness to the flowers. Like they're floating. A

After applying the colour and let to dry, the artist goes over their linework one more time to highlight the shapes and patterns of the flowers and leaves. 

The 1.8–2.5 MM MEDIUM TIP

The medium tip of the PC-5M is the most versatile in the POSCA range. Providing a clear, precise line and beautiful colour, it is appreciated by both professionals and amateurs.

The PC-5M suits all sorts of people: artists and creative professionals such as architects and designers; fans of creative hobbies and home decoration; surfers and skaters wanting a new look for their boards. Its ease of use makes it ideal for beginners to explore their creativity.


With its extra-fine calibrated tip ringed in metal, the PC-1MR has all the qualities of a paint marker – in the form of a pen! Designed for amateurs and professionals looking for an ultra-fine, dense line, it offers a rich palette of colour effects.

The PC-1MR is ideal for creative professionals (e.g. graphic designers creating roughs, technical drawings and sketches etc.), creative hobbyists (scrapbooking,
card makers…) and artists adding finishing touches, details and contours with absolute precision.

Creative tutorials are a chance to explore your creativity and try techniques that you've never explored or want to hone your skills at.

Follow along with turotials on acrylic pouring to image transer and beyond. Endless possibilities and infinite creativity!

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