Ink: Create EASY Abstract Alcohol Ink Flowers!

You will need:

Step 1: Start with squeezing alcohol ink drops in loose shapes resembling flowers using your favourite ink colours. These shapes don’t need to be perfect!

alcohol ink flowers base colours

Step 2: Next, experiment with dripping a different lighter or darker colour into the centre of your shapes, allowing that colour to spread out. Include a shimmery pearl colour if you wish.

alcohol ink flowers step two

Step 3: Continue alternating colour drops into the centre so you get lighter and darker rings of colour. Try finishing with a metallic gold or copper for something eye-catching!

Step 4: Lastly, use a small round brush to paint simple leaf and mini flower designs around your main flowers to finish your painting!

Try using a brush to help push colour around, mix colours together, create petal textures or to help shape different coloured petals.

Creative tutorials are a chance to explore your creativity and try techniques that you've never explored or want to hone your skills at.

Follow along with turotials on acrylic pouring to image transer and beyond. Endless possibilities and infinite creativity!

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