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Artist Community

Brush Shapes 101
Brush Hairs 101
Escoda Magic Brush Review
Basics of Colour Psychology
Limiting Your Palette
Painting with 4 Pigments
Mixing Greens
Working with Blues
Mixing Watercolour

Optical Mixtures
Coloured Pencil & Pastel
Tabby Cat - Coloured Pencil
Pastel Sunset Demo
Pastel Photorealism
Painting With Pastels
Pastel Pratfalls
Drawing & Composition
Anatomy of Winter Trees
Basic Landscape Composition
Background Prep for Live Drawing
Clothed Model Demonstration
Landscape Composition Rules
Learn to See, Learn to Draw I
Learn to See, Learn to draw II
Learn to See, learn to draw III
Live Drawing
Realistic eye
What Makes a Good Painting?
General Knowledge
Paint & Mediums
Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf Application
Gilding Problems and Solutions

Gilding Tips & Tricks

Gilding Tips
X-mas Gold Leaf House

Golden Eggs
Realistic eye
Learn to See, Learn to Draw I
Learn to See, Learn to draw II
Learn to See, learn to draw III
Mixed Media
Acrylic and Origami
Mixed Media
Watercolour Mixed Media
Painting (Acrylic)
Abstract Acrylic
Acrylic Brush Technique

Acrylic Origami Collage
Acrylic Technique
Acrylic Portrait
Intro to Acrylics
Muse Painting (Abstract)
Portrait of Janine
Which White is Right?
Painting (Casein & Encaustic)
Casein techniques
What is Casein?
What is Encaustic Painting?
Painting (Oil)
Cedar Crossing - Winter Landscape
Crisp Fall Afternoon
Classical Oil Painting Mediums
Evening Laundry
Impressionist Landscape
Landscape on Red Ground
M.Graham Oil Review
Optical Mixtures
Oil Painting Without Solvents

Portrait of Maria
Portrait of Janine
Painting with 4 Pigments
Thirst for Painting Water
Turning On the "Lights"
Vineyard Patterns
Which White Should I Use?
Winter Afternoon
Painting (Watercolour)
Abstract on Yupo Paper
Choosing Watercolour Paper
Controlling Watercolour
Correcting Mistakes
Framing Watercolour Work
Floral Demo
Greeting Cards
House in Clover Valley
Lily Pond
Mixed Media
Mixing Watercolour
Negative Painting
Painting Metal
Setting up a Watercolour Studio
Step-by-Step Barn House
Step-by-Step White Barn
Still Life - "Size Matters!"
Using a Photo Reference
Using Watercolour Pencils
Watercolour Pond
Watercolour Pines
Watercolour Sunflower on Yupo
Acrylic Portrait
Edge Control

Portrait of Janine
Portrait of Maria
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