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Muskoka, ON

  Twilight (24x36)
I found myself sitting in my car beside this old house in the ghost town of Uffington in Muskoka while trying to escape a bit of mid-winter cabin fever. It was 20 below, the sun had just set and this landscape seemed to unfold before me in deep shadow contrasted with this rich orange glow on the horizon. Catching the remaining light was an old farmhouse in a state of decay.
My curiosity was piqued as I sat before this cold empty house and I was compelled to tell the latest chapter of its life in the quiet subtle light of it's own winter season. This inspired an entire series of paintings on the subject of abandoned early Ontario homes.
  Breakthrough (8x10)
It was one of those typical Autumn days that ran between cloud and clear skies. The foreground was in shadow and the sun hit the trees in full colour in the background. The title "Breakthrough" was intended to represent both this effect and a step forward in working with such a variance in key and colour, breaking the rules... and sharing the rush of vibrant light found only in an Algonquin Autumn.
  Rob Roy (8x10)
Standing alone and in its advanced derelict state in the middle of a flat field, I found this place as the sun was setting behind the Blue Mountains. The light shone straight through an empty window and on to the wall inside, lighting it up. The door that once covered the entrance to that part of the house is long gone. The passage of time and the ephemeral nature of what we create is very present in this place. I could not help but paint it.

  Hopewell (8x10)
January is not the time of year that people think of to visit the world famous Bay of Fundy where the tides rise and fall further than anywhere else in the world. The snow on the shore was over my knees, but the tidal beach was clear as it was low tide. The sun was setting silhouetting the ruddy stone against the beautiful blue and gold sky. I wanted to capture the mood and the scale of the rocks in this place where beauty has no season.
About The Artist

Michelle Basic Hendry spent nearly 10 years as an independent graphic designer before deciding to focus on the brush in earnest. For her, it is light and shadow of the country that nourish mystery and spirit and drive her creative process. Art critics and collectors alike have connected with the mood created by the light quality of Michelle's paintings. Michelle, always a student of natural and man made beauty, captures the image as well as the energy of the places she paints. Her love of the landscape and the respect for its history comes through in each piece. Michelle uses the contrast between the crispness of detail and soft lines to give the viewer a unique experience, moving the eye and holding it's attention. Her primary medium is acrylic, preferring M. Graham acrylic paints for their pigment, texture and consistency. Michelle likes to paint thinly and in layers to help her achieve more oil like effects without the long drying time and solvents required for oil painting. Michelle is a multiple award winning artist and, among her many artistic achievements, she is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists. She holds an Honours Degree from the University of Toronto and a Diploma with Distinction from Georgian College in Graphic Design. She has instructed at Georgian College in Graphic Design and has sat as a founding member on the Board of the Arts Council of Muskoka. She has work in private collections in Canada, the U.S. and the UK.


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