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Escoda Tadami Oil / Acrylic Brushes
Written by Cathy Stasko

Teacher, artist and traveler
Having painted with Escoda brushes before, I looked forward to trying out the line which in Europe is referred to as the "Magic brush" because it has been given a special treatment that gives each brush head its own memory.

Armed with my acrylic paints, a large canvas and two Escoda 4060 filbert brushes, both "Magic" brushes", one size 6 and the other a size 20, I felt compelled to try to paint a "magic" picture. The result is "The Path" which to me is a symbol of choices or decisions that we are faced with in life.

Sometimes we confront a task or challenge that is frightening or difficult, but if we choose to listen, it is where our heart leads us and it has the capacity to change our life. Many take the easy way - a few follow their dreams and face their challenges. Embedded with acrylic gel on the canvas is the line from Robert Frost's poem -
"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference"
I used the small filbert to draw on the canvas. Its spring, resiliency and versatility made it a pleasure to use. It took me where it wanted to go. It responded to pressure - a sharp pointed line with a sharp edge to a thicker line all with a twist of the wrist and added pressure. With a swish in water and a change of colour the original shape sprung back to begin again.

The larger filbert had even more spring and responded to twists and turns of my wrist as I swirled on lights and darks in different colours, using both the sides for wide areas and the point for smaller areas. When all was dry I appreciated its substantial body as I dry brushed colour over colour in the sky, the path and the garden, yet it was soft enough to lightly glaze over areas when I wanted to. I liked the "Magic brushes", their weight, their quality, their gray handles, which don't distract you when you are mixing colours and I liked how they responded to me. Best of all, after cleaning, they looked like new as if they were waiting to try their magic all over again.