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Artist Community
Lily Pond
Written by Ronnie Cramer
Initial Drawing   Initial Drawing
My friend Victoria has a beautiful lily pond outside her home in North Carolina. This drawing of it was done with a 6B Mars Lumograph pencil.
May Green   May Green
The dominant visual in the pond is the collection of lily pads, so I started there - using May Green mixed with a dab of Cadmium Yellow Light.
New Colors   New Colors
Next I added various new colors from the palette - including Indigo and Venetian Red, plus a thin layer of Prussian Blue on the lily pads.
Background   Background
The water was painted with a mixture of Sepia and Ultramarine Finest. It was essentially the look I was going for, but not quite dark enough.
More Blue   More Blue
I tried to build up density within the scene by adding more blue to the water; mostly Ultramarine Finest and Prussian Blue.
Warm Colors   Warm Colors
And then some warmer tones added here and there to help suggest detail; primarily Naples Yellow and Burnt Sienna - plus another dash of Venetian Red.
  Finished Painting