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Artist Community
M. Graham Oil Colours: Product Review
Written by Richard Hoedl

I have been painting and creating art for well over fifteen years and in that time I have used many different techniques and mediums. I started my art career as an oil painter but moved to acrylics because of their easy cleanup and quick drying time. Since the turn of the century I have moved back into painting with oils because acrylics don’t have the same ability to flow and blend. I paint straight from the tube, blending and mixing colours directly on the canvas. Because of this, I don’t use mediums, gels or extenders very much.

I first heard about M. Graham Oil Paints while trying to locate a quality oil paint that contained a high quality pigment with a strong opacity. I needed to replace the paint brand that I was currently using, as it had gone out of general production and become very difficult to purchase. What I discovered was much more than what I was seeking!

I began using M. Graham Oil Paints bit-by-bit, picking up the odd colour as my old paints ran out. To my happy surprise the walnut-based oil paint blended perfectly with my old linseed oil paints. I was concerned that the two different oils would result in streaky mixtures on the canvas. I was especially concerned that they would not blend in a smooth manner, because I mix my paints directly on the canvas and not on the pallet.

What I really like about these paints is that they provide me with amazingly vibrant colours that flow and blend beautifully and at the same time give me peace of mind knowing that I am not breathing in toxic solvent fumes. My studio is fresh and clean with no trace of smelly fumes or dangerous flammable solvent rags. I also really like that the paint tubes don’t get that gummy yellow linseed oil residue around the caps that make them sticky and difficult to twist open.

M. Graham Oil Paints are incredibly smooth in texture and application. They have a wonderful range of colours created from pure pigments, not the cheaper synthetic hues. M. Graham Oil Paints are not only made with pure walnut oil but also clean up with that same walnut oil. Walnut oil is lighter and flows more easily than linseed oil. It doesn’t have the same yellowing with age effect on a painting that linseed oil does.

M. Graham Oil Paints claim to be non-yellowing over time, which is a hard claim to verify but it does make logical sense since it does not use the naturally yellowing linseed oil.

I believe that M. Graham Oil Paints are an excellent value for the professional painter. It is unfortunate that this wonderful product can’t be made more affordable and therefore more available on a much broader basis for the beginner and student artists. It would be a wonderful thing to be in a studio full of oil painting students and not be knocked over from the fumes.

M. Graham Oil Paints will remain my choice of oil paint, as they have proven themselves to be better than any professional quality oil paint that I have used over the years. Between their amazing quality and the many benefits of not needing any solvents for cleanup, I will continue to use these paints throughout a (hopefully) long and healthy painting career. M. Graham Oil Paints have eliminated my worry that my career will be cut short due to health concerns created by toxic build-up.

If you paint in oils or if you paint in acrylics because you don’t want to deal with the fumes or solvent mess, I highly recommend you try M. Graham Oil Paints. They will change how you think of oils and how you paint.

Richard Hoedl