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Artist Community

Written by George Simmons

"Glad's" are beautiful, vertical stemmed flowers. We will concentrate on painting a single flower from the plant. Notice the vertical stem running through the image. If you are not familiar with "Glad's" you might want to find a reference photo to use as we paint.

The actual size of the painting is approximately 8x11 so I am able to place it in my scanner and show the different stages as we progress.

Materials :
1 sheet of watercolor paper: cut to the size you prefer. You may work in whatever size is comfortable for you. I am using a 8x11 piece of 140# CP Waterford paper for this demo.

Liquid frisket /Masking fluid: If you don't have masking fluid it's okay.

Brushes: I will be using a #3 and #14 rounds and 1/2 and 1" flat brushes. Anything in that range will work for you. Not too critical. My main brush is the #14 round. I will paint 90% of the painting with it. I will refer to the #3 as "small round", the #14 as "large round", the 1/2 flat as "small flat" and 1" as the "large flat" brush.

Watercolour Paints: The colors used on this painting are Aureolin Yellow, Gamboge Yellow, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Thalo(Winsor)Blue , Sap Green and Winsor or Thalo Violet (Optional) Some of these colors are used more than others. You can use Cadmium Yellow Light in place of Aureolin if you wish. I will use Winsor Violet but you can mix a nice violet by mixing Alizarin Crimson and Ultramarine Blue.

  Thumbnail Sketch: Every painting starts with a plan. The value sketch below will be ours. It will serve as a guide and will roughly illustrate placement of objects within the design and values. It is the rough outline for our painting. I may add or subtract and change some details on the actual painting but this sketch will approximate what we're aiming for.

Below, I've included a template that you can use. Lightly draw this image onto your watercolor paper in whatever size you prefer.
  The Template: I have added this sketch that you can use as a guide in drawing the image onto your watercolor paper. Included are grid lines to help in transferring the image. Either freehand the image using a soft pencil (2B) or divide your watercolor paper into "thirds" by drawing lightly grids like I have done (with pencil), then start drawing the flower and use the grids as reference points for placing the image on the page. Be sure not too draw too dark or dig your pencil into the paper. **right click on image and choose "Save Image As" option and save to your desktop**
Now you can Move on to Step 1.