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Artist Community
Written & designed by Shadi Ejtemaee


Red is the most emotionally intense colour of the colour spectrum. It is associated with love, lust, passion, anger, blood, rage, war, fire, warmth, compassion, strength, power, energy, excitement, and the list goes on. Red has been shown to raise the heart rate and improve circulation as well as stimulate the appetite. It is said that red can help in overcoming negativity, but be careful as too much red is said to cause irritation, impatience and sometimes anger (in other words, ironic).


Orange is associated with nature, autumn, warmth, confidence, adaptability, appetite, happiness, humor, creativity, energy, comfort and fun. It frees emotions, promotes self-esteem and forgiveness. Orange is a very stimulating colour which has been known to fight depression and cultivate good humor. Lighter hues such as peach and apricot, have been shown to help restore nervous energy. Orange is also know to stimulate digestion.


Yellow is one the strongest, happiest and uplifting colours of the wheel. It is associated with intelligence, focus, optimism, confidence, friendliness, cheerfulness and boldness. It aids clear thinking and expression of thoughts, improves memory and judgment, enhances concentration and speeds up the metabolism. It is also the most difficult color for the eye to take in, so it can be overpowering if overused. Too much yellow, or the wrong tone in relation to other tones, can cause self-esteem to plummet giving rise to fear and anxiety.


Green's strong link with nature helps us to feel more in touch with nature and each other. It symbolizes growth, harmony and life. It is associated with comfort, refreshment, balance, environmental awareness, peace, relaxation, and calmness. Green is known to help release stress, as well as balance and sooth emotions. Some shades and tones can be symbolic of death and decay (muddy or dull greens), or illness and envy (muddy yellow-greens).


The world's favourite colour, blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals, which stimulates healing, relieves pain and lowers blood pressure. It is associated with healing, peace, patience, communication, trust, coolness, loyalty, and vastness. Light and soft blues, are known to make us feel quiet and protected. Too much, or certain shades of blue can be perceived as cold, depressing, unemotional and unfriendly. One more thing worth mentioning about blue, because it is very rarely found in nature, it is the least appetizing colour to use for food. Over time, human minds have come to regard this colour as artificial, toxic, poisonous or rotten in relation to food.


Purple is magical, spiritual, healing, royal, luxurious, and wealthy. According to psychologists, violet contributes to mental equilibrium and helps to heal obsessions and fears. It is also associated with the artistic, musical, and spiritual. In addition, it is said to promote sensitivity and compassion. However, because purple is rarely found in nature, it can appear artificial and cheap if used excessively.