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Artist Community

Written by Barbara Simmons

The colors following the violets on the color wheel are from the BLUE family.

In the visual above, I have mixed ULTRAMARINE BLUE with the colors around the color wheel starting at COBALT BLUE. Towards the middle of the line, the colors start to gray indicating the complement of the blue.

In this visual, COBALT BLUE is mixed with the colors around the color wheel starting with TURQUOISE. The same thing happens in the middle of the line, again and for the same reason.

NIGHT GALLERY was created using blue as the dominant color. When I work with blue, orange will appear in the same work along with colors analogous to the blue. I find the complementary pair of orange/blue to be the most visually pleasing of all the complementary pairs. It is not only a contrast of dark and light, but also, a contrast of cool and warm.

These visuals taken from NIGHT GALLERY show the interactions of the cools and warms, and darks and lights.

CALM AT THE COVE was painted using the same colors as NIGHT GALLERY. The difference was the mixing of the orange and blue complements to create grays.

Some of the grays were light, some were dark ; some were warm and some were cool.

The two paintings demonstrate atmospheres; one is clear and intense, the other is muted and soft.

Choose a reference of a muted, soft colored scene and paint it in intense blues with their complements painted beside the blues. Choose a reference of an intense, brightly lit scene and paint it in muted, soft blue/gray mixes with hints of the complement as accents.