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Artist Community
Why Do You Create Art?
My love is mainly in the 'doing' part of it. Although 'feeling' it in my mind'/heart certainly are part of the process, my effort will be mainly fueled by pure passion and emotion.

As for technique(not necessarily unique) I find very simple tools so available. Example: On a sheet of Yupo, watercolour pigment(rather thick) pieces of credit cards(as an etching tool) are pretty much what I may use at a given sitting.

I particularly like the the freedom of movement that Yupo background surface provides, and of course  the possiblities are truly endless.

In the included rendition of my version of 'fire and ice', the colour was blocked in first with a wide brush (wash type), and while still wet, pigment was basically 'pushed' and 'shoved' around with a peice of credit card.. Meanwhile visions of my childhood days came from my memories of winters in small town Nova Scotia where ice cakes along the river would pile on one another and freeze between the coming and goings of the tides. Some times in late afternoon, the setting sun would show many colours that reflected on the spires of ice.

I am a very senior lady. I have been an artist in my heart since I could remember. Have always been a 'sketcher' and only recently (9 years) decided to add colour to my drawings.I have a great love for art and like many artists have endless ups and downs in the inspiration department, but when the 'ups' are up, it is sheer heaven.

I have found your website with Tips and Techniques to be very helpful, and I look forward to them.

I paint with several groups of seniors in the Ottawa area and find it very fulfilling to be in a world of colour,emotion,deminsion and great satisfaction.

Thank you for reading this.

Anne Alain

I make art to purge my brain of ideas and my space of materials, it has to be done or things can spiral out of control. I work with reclaimed materials and surfaces, as well as with traditional methods and materials, which broadens my scope of ideas and gives me a limitless palette to work with. My finished artwork is really just a prototype for the next piece or a schematic for a future project; One thought before it evolves. I am very aware that I will never be done, that the artistic process of expression will continue indefinitely, because there is always further progress to be made, a bigger and brighter idea out there that I have not yet found! This is why I continue to make artwork.

Chad Arney

I make art to relax, create, and challenge new experiences.

Gurkirat Dhanoa
Painting is something I need to do. After trying many subjects, I found out that what I like best is painting cats. I love trying to make them as real as I can. The eyes are the most important. I like them to reflect the personality of the cat. As soon as I have more time, I am planning on painting other animals as well. I want to paint them all. As soon as I see one, I want to paint it. I love animals, real or on canvas. I am attracted to them. It's always a rush when someone buys one of my paintings because this means that it will bring as much joy to the person buying it and displaying it on his/her wall as it has brought to me, painting it.

Carmen Paradis-Joynt
Nanaimo, BC
Interesting that you asked that question:

For more than a year, my bio has included this paragraph, the last line says it all for me:

"I adore the glorious colours of nature; the fragility of a flower petal; the expression in the eye of bird or beast; the human form; the smoothness of skin, marble, the roundness of a pear; the texture of snow, fur, water; I feel in awe of the sky, the trees, the tiny wild toadstools. Can I ever produce this majesty? Can I ever hope to capture them on a piece of paper? Wanting to paint is wanting to never let go. Once painted, it will remain forever."ii

If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to email or phone:

Thank you,
Linda C. Stanley
Niagara Artist can be reached at:
Stanley Studio
4160 Stanley Street, Campden, On. L0R 1G0

As a painter, I would urge anyone to distain 'Competition' amongst ourselves and simply work toward showing our work together and appreciating eachother Competition belongs to the work ethic bag not to the spirit of painting.

With love of painting...Tony Westbrook

Why do I create art? I have this deep desire that comes from inside of me, urging me to paint, to create, to express myself in different ways. I think as an artist you don’t have any other choice than following this voice inside you, it is a lifestyle, an urge, it is therapy for the soul. God wants us to share our gifts with the world, do something good with it, and it is a great reward if you can make people happy with your work.

If you pour out your soul into your work, it can be seen by others and you share this energy with them, the happiness. I love to paint in different media but most of all I love to paint in oils. I also write, I am an author and I think as an artist you are not limited to do just a few things, you are an artist with your whole mind and soul and this effects everything you do. 

Beate Epp

Visit my Vibrant Art site and experience the fairytale novel The Magical Horses at:

... Poldy didn’t know exactly what the Magical Horses were able to do, but she had a strong feeling that their magic would work for the good of all micekind and all mankind, for the good of all creatures both here and far away...


I create personalized cartoon art for all occasions as well as custom cartoons.

Each cartoon is an original work, a labor of love from the heart. A personalized cartoon is a treasured gift, perfect for the person who has everything.

I love to work with my customers/friends in order to create a one-of-a-kind personalized gift for that special person in their lives and I so enjoy knowing that one of my designs has brought a giggle or a smile to someone's lips.

There's nothing like receiving an email or telephone call from someone explaining the delighted reaction of the person that received the cartoon gift.

Thank you and have a *sunny* day,

Heather Diodati

Whimsies Personalized Cartoons ~ Unique Gifts for any Occasion, Occupation, Hobby and More. Any name or message. Custom Cartoons too, designed your way! Surprise personalized gift with order.

Why Do I Paint?

I create my watercolour paintings as a means to relax. When you start with a blank piece of paper, it's like a new beginning. You can change your original idea as you move along in your creation. You can colour outside of the established lines. You are only limited by your imagination. My focus when I'm painting is so intent, any worries or cares melt away and only the painting matters. You can experiment, you can stick to the rules or you can blend both methods together. When you are finished, whether your painting is one you will give away, keep or use the reverse for another painting, you always learn something. Its like a gift to myself to be able to paint and ease some of the stress of everyday life.

Sandie Halyk

I paint because it is in me. The idea of using my hands to create is as natural as putting one foot in front of the other to walk. It just makes sense.

I don't remember the first time I tried to draw but I suspect that it was about the time I started to appreciate natural beauty. I loved playing in the garden and looking for interesting bugs and flowers and rocks. The way flowers looked up close, the way the clouds transformed as they sailed along, the way different colors looked next to each, the natural and man made patterns and textures around me caught my attention and inspired me. It started with seeing from the perspective of a child looking at a great big world and discovering something new every day that I got my first inspirations and urges to respond in my own creative way. Drawing helped me to record what impressed me and I am happy to say that this instinct has never left me, and is still a joy 50 years later!

Simple everyday observations of people and things have continued to stir my heart and imagination. Children and nature are my favorite subjects. Doing art that really exits me comes from the overflow of my life and is deeply personal and spiritual.

Rosalind Smurthwaite-Amorin,
Portrait and Landscape Watercolor Artist. 
Tillsonburg, Ontario.