Tri-Art Acrylic Mediums Explorer Set of 15 -
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TM19255 Tri-Art Acrylic Mediums Explorer Set of 15

Set contains 1 x 60ml jar of each of the following:

Tri-Art Gel Medium - Matte
Formulated from 100% pure acrylic polymer that appears white when wet & dries to a clear flexible film. The creamy, buttery consistency is capable of holding texture detail from high peaks to a fingerprint. Makes an excellent colour extender or impasto glazing medium. Can also be used in collage & mixed media because of its superior adhesive quality. Results in a very matte & toothy finish.

Tri-Art Low Viscosity Gel Medium - Gloss
Has all the flexibility & adhesive power as gel medium with less of the high texture holding capacity. Gel is easy to manipulate and will hold smooth texture. Extends & adds body to liquid acrylic colours. Compatible with all other Tri-Art Acrylic colours & mediums. Dries virtually clear.

Tri-Art Re-harvested Copper Cinder Gel Medium - Gloss
Contains opaque particles of consistent shape & sized copper cinder. Particles incorporated into gel medium providing adhesion, flexibility & clarity once dry. Dries to a gloss finish. Will dry clearer, revealing black cinder particles.

Tri-Art Re-harvested Walnut Shell Gel Medium - Gloss
Opaque particles of consistent shape & sized walnut shell are incorporated into gel medium which ensures adhesion, flexibilty & clarity once dry. Dries to a gloss finish. Will dry clearer, revealing real walnut shell particles.

Tri-Art Re-harvested PETE Plastic Gel Medium - Gloss
Contains small PETE plastic shards of various shapes & sizes of particles. White, translucent & transparent pieces. May be tinted prior to applying or once painted. Dries to a gloss finish.

Tri-Art Re-harvested Coloured Glass Gel Medium - Gloss
Transparent beads of coloured glass in various colors with consistent shape & size mixed into gel medium. Ensures excellent adhesion, flexibility and clarity once dry. Dries to a gloss finish.

Tri-Art Polymer Medium - Gloss
Used for thinning & extending acrylic paint. Translucent medium dries to a clear, flexible film that has excellent resistance to water & ultraviolet radiation. Extremely adhesive qualities allow it to be used in collage and decoupage applications.

Tri-Art Self-Leveling Gel Medium - Gloss
The ideal medium for creating thick, level glazes without visual brush strokes. Dries to a level gloss film which can be "etched" into when partially dry to create encaustic-like effects. Formulated from 100% pure acrylic polymer emulsion this product has a milky appearance when wet but dries clear. Increases flow & transparency of acrylics and remains flexible even in multiple layers. For best results apply with a spreading tool.

Tri-Art Retarder Gel (Additive)
A water-based product designed to slow down the drying time of acrylic paints. For optimal results do not use more than 20% retarder gel with any quantity of paint. This thick gel is the ideal medium for modifying high viscosity paints for mono & screen printing processes. Adding retarder gel to the paints on your palette will keep paints wet longer.

Tri-Art Crackle Medium
Create the look of time with this medium. It reacts when acrylic colours are applied on top to produce a layer of unpredictable patterns of cracked surface. Allow to dry before applying coloured layer over top.

Tri-Art Dry Media Ground - Matte
This velvety smooth ground is the ideal surface for pastel, charcoal, graphite & other dry media applications. Dries to an extremely matte finish with a fine, even tooth. Can be applied over existing acrylic paint & tinted in any proportion.

Tri-Art Modeling Gel Medium - Matte
A very viscous medium, is an ultra-thick gel capable of holding extreme texture. Best applied with spreading tools, this is ideal for collaging heavy objects and creating heavy impasto. Clear drying & tintable, medium stays flexible even in thick applications. Best to build up heavy textures by applying in thin layers and allowing each to dry between coats. Dries to a matte finish.

Tri-Art Final Finish - Matte
A self-leveling polymer designed to unify the lustre of a finished painting. A desirable coating for finishing paintings on flexible supports. Clear drying, this medium can be applied in successive layers to provide a matte surface. Apply in thin coats and allow for 12 hours between coats. Can be tinted with transparent liquid acrylics. NOTE: is permanent & non-removable.

Tri-Art Glazing Medium - Matte
The ideal medium for creating luminous glazes for fine detail applications. Dries clear with a matte finish and retains subtle brush marks. Can be tined with acrylic colours, but for best results liquid acrylics or acrylic inks are suggested.

Tri-Art UV Reactive Polymer Medium - Gloss
Dries to a transparent, clear and glossy finish. Reacts under black light with glowing white colour while remaining virtually invisible in normal light. Can be lightly tinted with transparent colours.
Tri-Art Acrylic Mediums Explorer Set of 15
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