Liquitex Flow-Aid Flow Enhancer 4oz -
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L5620 Liquitex Flow-Aid Flow Enhancer 4oz

Flow-Aid Flow Enhancer is for use with all acrylic paints and mediums when increased flow and absorption and decreased film tension and friction are important. Flow enhancer improves the fluidity, absorption and blending of any water-soluble paint, medium, ink or dye. It minimizes brush marks by reducing friction during paint application. It does not contain binder. Over thinning of acrylic paint with Flow-Aid and applying to a non-absorbent surface, like gessoed canvas, may result in poor adhesion. Always make a test piece for your particular application and surface. On non-absorbent surfaces, it will increase the fluidity and drying time of the paint. On absorbent surfaces, it will act as a stain, dye or watercolour.
Liquitex Flow-Aid Flow Enhancer 4oz
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