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Join our Affiliate Program, Where Your Creative Passion can Pay!
I’m interested! What do I need to know?
We are looking for dynamic, engaging individuals who have a passion for creativity, wellness and selling, all while inspiring others in the process. Whether it’s in person, online via social media or a combination of the two, (along with any other ways you think will lead to a sale), the sky is the limit as to how you go about this.
How much can I make?
There is no limit – the more you promote shopping with Curry’s, the higher your earning potential is!
Who am I promoting to?
First, there are many active artists and art hobbyists just waiting for inspiration, plus you have even more potential to attract a much larger group of customers who have never considered art exploration. Yes, we sell art supplies, but we also have a focus on exploring wellness through creativity. With that, we have developed a monthly subscription box dedicated to providing a creativity wellness experience, regardless of one’s experience with art. Creativity should be an option for anyone to explore, to escape from a hectic life, unplug from devices, learn something new, and to even discover a hidden creative talent, regardless of their skill level!
How am I compensated?
You will earn a percentage of every eligible sale you drive through our website. Monthly, a check is issued to you based on percentage of the monthly sales attributed to your efforts, measured via a unique promo code specific to you. As our program grows, we will aim to provide enhancements for every affiliate to benefit from.
Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate?
If your application is approved, there is no additional cost to you necessary.
How do I get started?
Send us a video introducing yourself, along with your social media handles - we want to get to know you! Bonus round: give us some insight on how you might go about selling your creative passion and Curry’s to your followers and beyond! Please email to pr@currys.com. We will then review, and let you know next steps!