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Using Curry's Website

Cookies must be enabled
in order to place an order on and to take full advantage of Curry's website and all of its features (such as shopping carts and language preferences etc). Cookies are necessary for the operation of shopping carts on almost any e-commerce website.  A shopping cart must be able to recognize you (using cookies) in order to add your items and associate these items with your order.

What is a "Cookie"?
A browser cookie is a small piece of information sent by a web server to a web browser to be stored for future use. The data in the browser cookie will be sent back to the web server whenever the browser reconnects to the web site.

Cookies are commonly used to store user preference information (such as language preference). Cookies are also used to store shopping cart contents. The most security-relevant use of browser cookies is when they are used to store authentication data, such as user names and passwords.

Cookies do not collect any personal information about you. Cookies can provide customers a richer, personalized experience on our site, to customize customer shopping experience, and to remember who customers are when revisiting our site. You may choose to decline cookies if your browser permits, but doing so may affect your use of the site and your ability to access certain features or engage in transactions through the website.

What is your Billing "Sold To" Address?
For your protection and for security reasons we need to verify the billing address of the credit card you provide at the time of purchase. We compare the billing address you provide with the address your bank has on file for that particular card. Your billing address is the address your credit card provider sends your statements to whether online or via mail. We invoice you at the billing address you supply and will ship your package to the shipping address you provide, if it is different.

If a Customer Service Rep contacts you asking for a corrected billing address it means we are having trouble with the verification of your card. Please reply with a correct address so we can complete your order.

What is your “Ship To” Address?
The Shipping "Ship To" Address is the address of the location that you would like your package to be sent to. It could be your home address, an address of a neighbour, friend/family member or a place of business. All shipping methods require a physical address. We cannot accept P.O. Box addresses.

Order By Phone
Our friendly customer service team is standing by to take your order by phone/email:

8:30am - 5:30pm EST
Monday - Friday

Order Online (using the shopping cart)
A shopping cart online is very much like a shopping cart at a grocery store. You put items you'd like to order into your shopping cart. The items will not be processed until you successfully complete the checkout process. Your confirmation will arrive by email once your order has been processed.

Use the "Express Order" page to place your order if you already know the product code for the items you want to order.

Otherwise, navigate through our Product Catgories to find what you are looking for, then add items to your cart by entering a quantity in the QTY: box and pressing the "Add items to cart" button add to cart image

Then use the "view cart" button cart image located at the top right corner of any page to see what items are in your cart and to submit your order to our order desk.

Checkout: After reviewing your items, complete the required fields: Billing Information and (if applicable) Ship-To information (if different than Billing Information), and your email address, then select your Shipping Method. For complete privacy and security details click here. Then, click Submit/Checkout and verify your email for confirmation.

Finding Products

Find the product you're interested in fast by using the navigation menu bar located across the top of every page.

Shop by Category
Our Category page lists all our product departments. When you click on one of the departments, you will be taken to a page that contains a listing of related sub-categories. Click on the links to view specific brands, product details, descriptions and images.

Shop by Brand
We've also listed our products by Brand. When you click on brand you want in the listing, you will be taken to a page that contains a listing of all products from that manufacturer. Click on the links to view product details, descriptions and images.

Search Tool
To search effectively, it is essential to apply techniques that narrow search results. Here are a number of strategies:
  • Type words related to the product you're searching for in the text entry box (e.g. black pen).
  • Try to use singular words (e.g. pen rather then pens).
  • Use specifics if possible, such as the brand name or Currys code.
  • Boolean operators (e.g. black AND pens) or other operators (e.g. black + pens) are not supported.