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Tri-Art Sludge
Tri-Art's Sludge is a by-product of their acrylic paint manufacturing, and an economical alternative to both a neutral ground and neutral colour. It consists of acrylic solids recovered from wastewater reprocessed into an acrylic that can be used as a paint, primer or paint medium.

No two batches are alike, but Sludge has the same handling qualities as Tri-Art's regular acrylic paint. Thick Sludge has similar texture holding capabilities as High Viscosity colours, while the Thin version is comparable to the Liquid Acrylic.

Sludge is semi-opaque with a medium grey tone, a light, toothy texture and is compatible with all other acrylics. It dries to a water resistant, semi-gloss finish. By using Sludge you help in the effort to be environmentally responsible!

Warning: Sludge may contain every product Tri-Art manufactures. Each batch is sent to a lab for content testing. If there are traces of Cadmium or Nickel, this will be noted on the label as containing these minerals.

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