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Tight 'n' Up™ Canvas Re-Tensioner
Restores tension to loose canvas without needing to re-stretch or use keys!

Tight 'n' Up™ liquid canvas re-tensioner solves the problem of how to repair a loose stretched canvas. This new liquid technology solves most all of the typical canvas tension problems due to variations in humidity and temperature. Tight 'n' Up™ helps to remove or improve any previous sagging, wrinkles or ripples leaving the canvas taut and tight. It dries to a clear finish that will not affect the look of the piece.

Simply spray onto the back of a stretched canvas. It will cause the canvas to shrink and increase canvas tension. Apply to the entire back surface or only the affected canvas areas. Tight 'n' Up™ will not harm the canvas, gesso, or typical artists paints. Works best on cotton, linen or other natural fibre canvases. Not recommended for use on polyester-based canvas, oil primed canvas, inkjet printed canvas or Giclee prints. Archival in quality and acid-free.

Tight 'n' Up™ Canvas Re-Tensioner
4oz spray
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