Speedball Gel Printing Plates<b><font color="#82CA9C"><i> * NEW! </i></font></b> -
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Speedball Gel Printing Plates * NEW!
Speedball Gel Printing Plates make it easy for hobbyists and fine artists to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind prints for mixed media, card-making, journaling, scrapbooking, home décor projects and much more! Speedball Gel Printing Plates have a smaller profile than other gel plates, allowing them to create unparalleled levels of detail and rich dimension to prints. Their construction also makes them lighter weight and leaves them occupying less storage space between uses – ideal for classrooms, traveling artists and shared spaces. Individual plates are housed in a durable clamshell packaging that can be re-used to keeps plates safe from scuffing, marring and particulates when not in use.

Specifically formulated for use with any printmaking ink.

*** Please note: the below items are only available for purchase online, through the Order Desk or when specially ordered through one of our retail stores as a "customer order". Some conditions may apply and timelines may vary depending on demand, so allowance of 1 - 3 weeks for delivery may be necessary. Orders placed online or through the Order Desk will be shipped directly to the customers address. Orders placed through a retail store will be available for pick up at that location.

Speedball Gel Printing Plate 5" x 5"
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1 EA   18.99 EA  

Speedball Gel Printing Plate 5" x 7"
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1 EA   21.99 EA  

Speedball Gel Printing Plate 8" x 10"
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1 EA   34.99 EA  

Speedball Gel Printing Plate 12" x 12"
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1 EA   68.99 EA  

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