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(products discontinued)Lino/Soft-Kut/Softoleum
Block or lino printing is a modern variant of the age old technique of woodblock printing. By using simple lino tools, a relief carving can be created, inked and used to print. Great for making cards, wrapping paper or art prints. The 4" x 6" sizes listed below are great for cards and framing, or cut a piece in half to make two smaller stamps!

Lino Easy-Cut: This lino product is the most economical block print carving surface and provides a smooth flat surface. It is a firmer surface, cuts well and provides beautifully clean edges.
Thickness: 3.2mm
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Soft-Kut: Soft-Kut is the softest of all and can be cut into like butter without requiring much pressure at all. Single side use only. It is recommended that these blocks only be used with water-based printing inks.
Thickness: 6.4mm
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Softoleum: Softoleum is a softer rubbery material that has been designed to make cutting easier and safer for block printers of all ages. Little pressure is needed to cut into this surface. Thicker sheets make it possible for both sides to be cut providing two printing surfaces per block.
Thickness: 8mm
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