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#'s, A-B
3M Command Strip Hooks & Hangers
Acme Desk Rulers
Alva-line Drafting Vellum Tracing Paper
Alva-line Drafting Vellum Title Block
Alvin Academy Set Squares
Alvin Adjustable Set Squares
Alvin B/4 Leadholder
Alvin Clear Acrylic T-Squares
Alvin Gum Eraser
Alvin Heritage Aluminum Easel
Alvin Lead Pointer
Alvin Lettering Templates
Alvin Marker Cases
Alvin Math Set
Alvin Minizip Utility Knife
Alvin Pencil Lengtheners
Alvin PRESTIGE™ Student Portfolio
Alvin PRESTIGE™ Studio Art Portfolio
Alvin Protractors
Alvin Professional Set Squares
Alvin Snap Blade Utility Cutter
Alvin Speed-Set Beam Compass
Alvin Stainless Steel T-Squares
Alvin Studio Mobile Storage Carts
Alvin Template Designs™
Alvin Tinted Set Squares
Alvin Triangular Scales
Alvin Wooden T-Squares
Alvin Zinc Alloy Snap Blade Cutter
Alvin Zippy Cutter
Dry Cleaning Pad
Erasing Shield
Alvin Heritage Arts™ Painting Knives * NEW!
Lettering Guide & Rule Template
Claycrete Paper Mache
Mexican Pottery Clay
Sculptamold Modeling Compound
Amsterdam Acrylic Gel Mediums
Amsterdam Acrylic Ink
Amsterdam Standard Acrylic Paint
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Mediums
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Finishers
Angelus Empty Paint Marker Sets
Graphite Transfer Paper
Arches 88 Silkscreen Paper
Arches Cover
Arches Oil Paper
Arches Watercolour Blocks *staff pick!
Arches Watercolour Pads
Arches Watercolour Paper Packs
Arches Watercolour Paper *staff pick!
BFK Rives Velin Paper
Art Alternatives
Art Alternatives Gummed Paper Tape - 2" x 75' * NEW!
Boxwood Modeling Tools Set of 6
Art Alternatives Cardboard Portfolio
Art Alternatives Disposable Dust Masks
Art Alternatives Folding Watercolour Palette
Art Alternatives Modeling Tools
Black Stretched Canvas
Clutch Pencil Tin Sketching Set
Compressed Charcoal Set of 3
Nylon Palette Knives
Art Resin®
ArtResin® Epoxy Resin
ArtBin Double Deep Super Satchel
ArtBin Prism Clear Case
ArtBin Quickview Case
ArtBin Sidekick
ArtBin Sketch Box
ArtBin Sketch Pac
ArtBin Solutions X-Long Case
ArtBin Tray Boxes
ArtGraf Watersoluble Graphite
Artisan Bright Brushes
Artisan Fan Brushes
Artisan Filbert Brushes
Artisan Flat Brushes
Artisan Round Brushes
Artisan Water Mixable Oils
Artisan Water Mixable Oil Mediums
Artograph EZ Tracer Projector
Artograph LED LightTracer Light Box
Artograph Prism Series Projectors
Artograph Prism Table Stand
Artograph Projector Mobile Floor Stand
Artograph Replacement Bulbs
Artograph Tracer Projector *staff pick!
Frisket Film
Bainbridge Illustration Board
Bainbridge Letramax Mounting Boards
Foamboard - Black and White
Best-Test Rubber Cement Thinner
Best-Test Two Coat Rubber Cement
Rubber Cement Pick-up
Bienfang Calligraphy Practice Paper Pad
Bienfang Aquademic Watercolour Paper
Bienfang Graphics 360 Marker Pads
Graphite Transfer Paper
Borden & Riley
B & R 110M Technical Vellum Pads & Rolls
Borden & Riley #41 Tracing Pads and Rolls
Borden & Riley Boris Marker Layout Pads
Borden & Riley Sketch Rolls
Bruynzeel Teen Coloured Pencils * NEW!