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Richeson Shiva Casein Colours
Casein (kay'seen) paint is a aqueous medium made from the protein of milk. You can apply it to any ridgid, non-oily surface such as masonite, wood, plaster, heavy watercolour paper, paperboard, canvas or linen mounted on masonite or even stone. Casein dries quickly to a velvety matte finish and over time, it becomes resistant to moisture.

'Shiva Series' by Richeson makes a versatile casein paint which can be used to achieve effects similar to watercolours, gouache, egg tempera, acrylics or oil paints. They will adhere to most surfaces, even glass. From the tube they are comparatively firm but rich and can be thinned with water or a medium. They dry naturally to an insoluble velvety matte finish that does not require varnishing. All Shiva casein colours are chemically pure and considered permanent.

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