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Sculpey Mold Maker
Sculpey's Mold Maker is a great product for making flexible one-sided push molds. Making an intricate detailed mold from the original piece can offer endless possibilities such as repairing picture frames, sculptures and making buttons. It even acts as a clay softener with stiff clays...just add small bits incrementally until your desired consistency is reached.

Simply dust the item to be molded with corn starch or talcum powder. Chill a piece of Super Elasticlay Mold Maker slightly thicker than the item to be molded and carefully press the item into the clay. Gently remove the original piece and bake the clay. After baking, an Elasticlay mold is permanent and flexible. Once set, simply mist your mold with water and release as many pieces as desired. If you're using Plaster of Paris no release agent is needed. Paint and decorate as desired!

Sculpey Mold Maker ½lb blocks
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