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Schmincke Medium W for Oil Paint
Medium for mixing oil colours with water instead of turpentine or mineral spirits. Mix 2 parts oil colour and 1 part Medium W on a palette, then add water. If necessary add more medium W gel. Increases gloss and transparency; harmonizes drying process; odourless.

When you add Medium W to your traditional oil paint, it will behave similar to water-mixable oils. In a wet state, oil paints mixed with medium W gel and water undergo a slight colour shift, appearing to be somewhat lighter in hue or even "milky" (depends on the colour shades of the oil paint involved and the amount of water added: The darker the oil paint and the more water is added, the lighter in hue the wet paint film will appear). Don't worry! As water evapourates, the paint will return closely to your desired colour.

Available in Medium W Gel or Medium W Liquid. The gel will retain brush strokes. Use the liquid for glazing and thin applications.

Always test first!
  • Painting tools can be cleaned with water
  • Do not exceed the 1:2 ratio of Medium W to paint
  • Use water to thin
  • Close immediately after use
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Contains modified alkyd resin

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