Rembrandt Oil Colour <i>(Titanium White Only)</i> -
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Rembrandt Oil Colour (Titanium White Only)
Rembrandt Oil Colours contain only the finest pigments and the purest linseed or safflower oil. This highest concentration of pigment is finely ground on a triple-roll mill to exacting quality standards backed by stringent laboratory monitoring. Rembrandt's texture is exceptionally smooth, creamy, and even, responding to the brush with a buttery feel. The complete, well-balanced range offers brilliance and intensity is rarely seen anywhere else. 120 colours are available in 40ml tubes with select whites available in 150ml.

Note: Colour Chips are approximate.
Rembrandt Oil Colour - 150ml
Titanium White
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Rembrandt Oil Colour - 40ml
Titanium White
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