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QoR Watercolour Mediums
QoR Watercolour Mediums help extend and enhance the creative range and control of QoR watercolours. Modulate colours by lifting with Lift Aid™, extend colours with Watercolour Medium, or unleash the flow with Synthetic Ox Gall.

QoR Synthetic Ox Gall - 59ml
A wetting agent that improves the flow of watercolours, 2-5 drops added to water makes paints easier to apply and blend when creating washes. Wetting paper with a water & Synthetic Ox Gall mixture assists in creating clean, uniform washes & improves wetting on hard sized papers.
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1 EA   11.89 EA  

QoR Watercolour Medium - 59ml
A general purpose medium used to increase the transparency and flow of watercolours. When Watercolour Medium is used in larger amounts it also increases the gloss & saturation of colours.
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1 EA   10.79 EA  

QoR Lift Aid - 118ml
A fluid medium for watercolour surfaces to improve the lifting of watercolours. Lift Aid is a pre-coat and should be applied to paper and allowed to dry before applying colour. Colours applied over top can be more easily removed with a stiff brush, Q-tip or cloth.
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1 EA   12.99 EA  

QoR Masking Fluid - 59ml
A latex based medium for masking areas of paper prior to applying washes. The fluid consistency allows for masking finely detailed areas and removes easily once dry.
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1 EA   10.99 EA  

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