Pro® UGLU 600 Dash Sheets<b><font color="#82CA9C"><i> * NEW! </i></font></b> -
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Pro® UGLU 600 Dash Sheets * NEW!
UGlu® 600 Dashes Sheets feature rubber based mounting adhesive squares that measure 1/2" x 5/8" on sheets. Useful for mounting, bonding, securing, temporary holding and carpet installation. Great for scrapbooking, bullet journals, collage and more. This product adheres well to all woods and metals. Not recommended for use on plastics.

Colour: Transparent

Benefits: Clean removal. Highly conformable. Good adhesion. Permanent bond. Low temperature application. Quick stick. Good solvent resistance. Acid Free. VOC Free.

Features: Quick Stick, Good Adhesion, Low Temperature Application , Short Term - High Temperature Resistance, Permanent Bond, Clean Removal, Highly Conformable, Good Chemical Resistance, Good Solvent Resistance, pH Neutral, Good Moisture Resistance, Made in the USA

Technical Specs
Adhesive: Rubber
Total Thickness: 20 mils (thousandths of an inch)

Pro® UGLU 600 Dashes
160 ½" x ⅝" Dashes / 4 sheets
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