Pro® Seal 300 Packaging Tape - Clear<b><font color="#82CA9C"><i> * NEW! </i></font></b> -
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Pro® Seal 300 Packaging Tape - Clear * NEW!
Pro Seal 300 is a polypropylene general purpose carton sealing tape. Excellent for all general carton sealing applications. Designed for smooth, easy dispensing. Outstanding holding power. Water and abrasion resistant. High-performance quick-grab adhesive is excellent for use on a wide variety of surfaces. Easily applied, by hand or automatically. Available in clear, which assures maximum readability of labels.

Colour: Clear

Common Applications: Packaging, Label Protection, Sealing

Features: Quick Stick, Good Adhesion, Easy Unwind, Good Abrasion Resistance, Good Moisture Resistance, Waterproof Backing

Technical Specifications
Backing: Biaxially-oriented polypropylene film
Adhesive: Synthetic rubber / resin
Total Thickness: 1.8 mils (thousandths if an inch)
Tensile Strength: 27lbs / inch
Elongation %:70
Adhesion to steel: 32oz / inch

Pro® Seal 300 Packaging Tape - Clear
2" x 55yd
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