Pro® Tape Dispenser & Pro® 154 ATG Tape<b><font color="#82CA9C"><i> * NEW! </i></font></b> -
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Pro® Tape Dispenser & Pro® 154 ATG Tape * NEW!
The Pro ATG HD Dispenser is an Adhesive Transfer Tape Dispenser with an extended nose that works with the Pro® ATG tape.

Pro 154 ATG is an excellent adhesive for flying splices on paper, films, and foil. This product can be used for laminating, mounting and nameplate applications, aluminum foil identification plates, and miscellaneous holding.

Color: Transparent

Benefits: Pro 154 ATG offers high initial adhesion, good sheer properties and ease of slitting. Medium to High Chemical Resistance to Solvents

Features: Quick Stick, Bond Builds Over Time, Good Adhesion, Low Temperature Application , Short Term - High Temperature Resistance, Permanent Bond, Good Chemical Resistance, Good Solvent Resistance, Made in the USA

Technical Specifications
Adhesive: Acrylic
Total Thickness: 2.0 mils (thousandths of an inch) (without liner)
Temperature Range: –20°F to 150°F
Adhesion to steel: 32oz per inch

Pro® 154 ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape - ½" x 60yd
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Pro® ATG HD Tape Dispenser (Extended Nose)
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