Pilot FriXion Rollerball <font color="#FE9A2E"><i>*erasable ink</i></font> -
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Pilot FriXion Rollerball *erasable ink
A nifty erasable pen! The Pilot FriXion is filled with fantastic ink which allows you to write, delete and repeat. The end of the pen has a hard plastic eraser, which when rubbed over the writing causes the colour to disappear from the ink. You can then write over it again with the same pen.

How does it work? It's a type of thermo-reactive ink. The heat generated by the friction causes the ink to become translucent. So...if you stick it in the freezer your scribblings will re-appear!

Note: Erasable pens are not recommended for use on legal or official documents.

  • Thermo-Sensitive Gel Ink formula disappears with erasing friction
  • Smooth writing Gel Ink
  • Stainless Steel tip and carbide ball for precision writing
*staff pick! Great for Sudoku & Crossword Puzzles. - Recommended by Carla, Head Office

Note: Colour Chips are approximate.
Pilot FriXion Rollerball Pen 0.7mm - Black
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Pilot FriXion Rollerball Pen 0.7mm - Blue
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