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Pébéo Gedeo Resins
Pébéo Gedeo Resins feature a two-part epoxy resin system to create casts, jewelry, and more! Simply mix two parts resin with one part hardener.

Crystal Resin hardens to a transparent glass-like finish. Gloss + Varnish gives a brilliant, vivid and transparent finish to your creations made with Gedeo Resins. All Pébéo Resins are intermixable.

Each box contains resin, hardener, protective gloves, 2 measuring cups, 2 mixing sticks and step-by-step user guide. Dries solid within 24 hours. Wear suitable protective clothing and eyewear. Keep out of reach of children. 150ml of Gedeo Resin will cover approximately two 16" x 20" panels under normal usage (⅛" thick).

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