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Logan 201 Oval & Circle Mat Cutter
The Logan 201 Oval and Circle mat cutter has a 3-step mechanism that is fast, portable and very easy to use. It cuts perfect bevel openings without connecting to any other equipment through single, double, or even triple mats. It adjusts from oval to circle cutter with a simple twist of the knob. The Logan 201 cuts ovals from 3¼" x 4¾" (8.25cm x 12cm) to 20" x 23" (51cm x 58cm) with a 3" maximum difference between oval width and oval height. It also cuts circles from 4½" to 20" (11.5cm x 51cm) in diameter. It includes creative matting instructions and five extra Logan #324 blades. Product info video.

Oval and Circle Mat Cutter
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