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DISCONTINUED Liquitex Fluorescent Acrylic
Liquitex Fluorescent Acrylic Paints are intense, brilliant colours produced from dyes surrounded by a polymer coating. The dyes absorb invisible ultraviolet light to reflect more light than they receive, making them fluoresce or glow. They will visibly overpower paints made from traditional pigments. Because they are dye based, these colours are fugitive, meaning the fluorescent effect and colour will fade over time and therefore should not be used for work intended to be permanent.

As fluorescent colours are translucent a greater intensity can be achieved by working over a bright white surface. If greater permanency is desired, a topcoat of Liquitex Soluvar Gloss or Matte Varnish (which contain Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers) is recommended, although it will eliminate the fluorescent glow under black light.

Note: Colour Chips are approximate.
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