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Liquid Art Panels
Liquid Art Panels eliminate overpour with a border 3mm deep and 3mm wide around the edges of the panel to contain liquid resins, liquid acrylics and mixed-media materials. Experiment and create with any liquid media like Pébéo's Vitrail or Fantasy Prisme and Moon, Pouring Medium, Resin, waxes and more. Use these panels to create abstract works, collage, layering, encaustic work and all creative applications where liquid retention is required.

Simply place panel on a level surface and pour, drip, drizzle or spread! Pébéo's Gedeo Resin (150ml) will cover approximately two 16" x 20" panels under normal usage (⅛" thick).

Interested in Pouring Art? Liquid Art Panels work beautifully. Follow these simple steps to get started.

Shipping Fee Ordering bulk quantities often results in "overweight" shipping charges in excess of the flat rate. A customer service representative will contact you for authorization of additional fees.

Liquid Art Wooden Panel 6" x 6"
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   7.99 EA  

Liquid Art Wooden Panel 8" x 10"
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   11.99 EA  

Liquid Art Wooden Panel 10" x 10"
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   12.99 EA  

Liquid Art Wooden Panel 11" x 14"
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   15.99 EA  

Liquid Art Wooden Panel 16" x 20"
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   22.99 EA  

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