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Indigo Handmade Watercolour Paper Wiropads * NEW!
Indigo watercolour paper is hand made, 100% cotton watercolour paper that's produced using a traditional handmade technique and refined manufacturing processes using biomass electrical energy, recyled water and no chlorine bleaches or harmful chemicals. Quality and consistency is shown in every sheet. The surface has a blend of texture and tooth for a wide variety of media, not just watercolour! Acid-free and both internally and externally sized. Perforated pages easily tear out to preserve the fourth deckle edge. Also available in sheet packs.

Due to the unique qualities of handmade paper, the surface texture may vary slightly from sheet to sheet.

Media: dry media (charcoal, graphite, pastel) & wet media watercolour, acrylic, oils (surface must be gessoed first), engraving, etching & letterpress.

Weight: 300gsm

Sizes: Wiropads available in 6" x 9" & 12" x 9"

Indigo Handmade Watercolour Wiropad 300gsm
6" x 9" (24 sheet)
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1 EA   39.99 EA  

Indigo Handmade Watercolour Wiropad 300gsm
12" x 9" (24 sheet)
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   45.99 EA  

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