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Golden Airbrush Mediums
Golden Airbrush mediums have been designed for modifying the Golden Fluid Acrylics for airbrush spray applications. They blend with minimal effort to yield a paint mixture with the proper viscosity for airbrushing. It effectively decreases clogging and tip buildup during spraying, eliminating the largest drawback to airbrushing with acrylics. While designed with Golden Fluid Acrylics in mind, Airbrush Mediums can also be used to reduce heavy body, matte, high load, iridescent/interference and fluorescent acrylics for spray applications. Other Golden mediums and gessos can also be blended with Airbrush Medium for spraying.

Redesigned Golden Medium Labels & New Product Names: Golden Artist Colors has introduced a new look for its Grounds, Mediums, Additives and Varnishes with the same artist quality product, now with a fresh new look. In addition, some product names have been changed to better reflect the intended use.

Please note: some of the items below are only stocked at our warehouse for online orders (or phone orders with Customer Service) and at our 1153 Queen St. W. Toronto retail store (call store first to confirm availability). Product can also be purchased through any of our other retail stores as a customer order. Some conditions may apply and turnaround time will vary.

Golden Airbrush Medium 8oz
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1 EA   17.09 EA  

Golden Airbrush Medium 16oz
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1 EA   29.19 EA  

Golden High Flow Medium 4oz (formerly High Flow Transparent Airbrush Extender)
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1 EA   11.09 EA  

Golden High Flow Medium 16oz (formerly High Flow Transparent Airbrush Extender)
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   30.59 EA  

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