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Diazo Photo Emulsion
The Diazo Photo Emulsion process makes possible the printing of fine line drawings, various hand and commercial lettering techniques, as well as photographic half-tone positives. Diazo is Speedball's best photo emulsion, producing sharp, high quality images.

Use polyester or other suitable synthetic fabric screens in order to reclaim your screen. Product demo video.

* Note: Sensitized emulsion can be stored up to 4 months when refrigerated.

Diazo Sensitizer 2oz
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   8.29 EA  

Diazo Photo Emulsion 26.4oz
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   25.99 EA  

Diazo Photo Emulsion Remover 8oz
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   8.99 EA  

Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit
Contains: 6.6oz. bottle of Photo Emulsion, 1oz bottle of sensitizer, 8oz. Photo Emulsion Remover and instruction booklet. Coats approximately ten 11" x 14" sized screens.
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1 EA   33.99 EA  

Ultimate Diazo Screen Printing Kit
Contains: 2 sheets of 8.5" x 11" transparency film, 10" x 14" screen frame, 9" squeegee, 4 craft sticks, 4oz black, white, red and blue fabric ink, 4oz Diazo Photo Emulsion, ½ gram Diazo Sensitizer, 4oz Photo Emulsion Remover, instructional DVD, exposure lamp, 250w photo flood bulb, 9.5" x 13.75" black paper background, exposure chart and instructions. LIGHT SOURCE INCLUDED!
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1 EA   154.89 EA  

Diazo Light Kit
Contains: an exposure lamp, 250w photo flood bulb and 1 sheet of 9.5" x 13" black paper. No emulsion is included in this kit. Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit required.
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   41.69 EA  

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