Creativity for Kids - The BIG Creativity Can! -
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Creativity for Kids - The BIG Creativity Can!
Instructions: have fun and be as creative as possible!

A big can filled with colorful craft materials that stimulate kids to use their imaginations and encourage open-ended creative play. Cool creations go along with imaginative narratives - each one as unique as the individual who created it. Creativity is linked with problem solving, innovation, critical thinking and an important leadership trait. Break out "the can" with a group of kids at a party or for everyday activities.

Set includes: Chenille stems, air dry clay, plastic wheels, stickers, styrofoam shapes, popsicle sticks, cord, feathers, mesh tubing, wiggly eyes, felt sheets, pom poms, bells, pattern papers, glue, scissors and more!

Creativity for Kids - The BIG Creativity Can
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