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Claycrete Paper Mache
Claycrete is an instant papier mache product which may be air dried or baked and does not shrink. A 1lb bag of Claycrete will make 97.5 cubic inches or 18 1lb bags will make 1 cubic foot of solid material. An armature is recommended for large projects.

Claycrete is available in 1lb, 5lb and 20lb bags.

Shipping Fee Ordering bulk quantities often results in “overweight” shipping charges in excess of the flat rate. A customer service representative will contact you for authorization of additional fees.

Claycrete 1lb
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   10.99 EA  

Claycrete 5lb
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   40.99 EA  

Claycrete 20lb
Qty: UM:   Your Price: Per:  
1 EA   129.99 EA  

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