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Artograph LED LightTracer Light Box
The new LED LightTracer and LED LightTracer2 now shine with dazzlingly bright LED's. With maintenance-free gradient illumination from 5000 to 14,000 lux across the slanted surface.

Ideal for embossing, quilting, stained glass, calligraphy and lettering, creative keepsake books, needlework and embroidery, viewing and visualizing, or stenciling.

LED LightTracer : the Artograph LED LightTracer is the all-purpose art and craft light box! It features a 10" x 12" conveniently slanted tracing surface now illuminated by maintenance-free, cool, bright LED's with a sleek new design.

LED LightTracer 2: the Artograph LED LightTracer 2 features a large 12" x 18" tracing surface illuminated by maintenance-free, cool, bright LED's. The slanted surface allows for easy and comfortable tracing and embossing.

Artograph LED LightTracer
10" x 12"
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