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Sculpture & Casting
Casting Media
Castin'Craft® Clear Polyester Casting Resin
Castin'Craft® FastCast™ Urethane Casting Resin
Castin'Craft® Mold Builder
Castin'Craft® Mold Release/Conditioner
EasyCast® Clear Casting Epoxy
EasyMold® Silicone Putty
EasyMold® Silicone Paste
EasyMold® Silicone Rubber
EnviroTex Jewelry Resin
Pébéo Gedeo Resins
Pure Beeswax
Sculpture & Modeling Materials
Bake Shop Oven-Bake Clays by Sculpey
Canadian Soapstone
Claycrete Paper Mache
DAS Modelling Clay
EnviroTex Jewelry Clay
EZ Shape Modeling Clay Variety Packs
Kwik Kraft Plaster Modeling Gauze
Mexican Pottery Clay
Plasticine Blocks
Sargent Art Modeling Clay Set
Sculpey III Colours
Sculpey Clay Softener
Sculpey Mold Maker
Sculptamold Modeling Compound
Sargent Sculpt-It
Super Sculpey®
Super Sculpey® Living Doll Clay
Taskboard® Model Board
Translucent Liquid Sculpey
Sculpture Tools & Accessories
Armature Wires
Art Alternatives Modeling Tools
Boxwood Modeling Tools Set of 6
Clay Conditioning Machine
Cozi Form Modeling Tool Set
Flat End Wire Tool Set
Graduated Mixing Cups
Mini Ribbon Pottery Tool Set
Pottery Tools
Sculpey Clay Tools
Woodcarving Assorted Tool Set
Wooden Modeling Tools