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Paint & Accessories
Acrylic Paint
Amsterdam Standard Acrylic Paint
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint
Art Noise Acrylic Paint
DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic * NEW!
DecoArt Americana® Chalkboard Paint * NEW!
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics® * NEW!
DecoArt Extreme Sheen® Acrylic * NEW!
DecoArt Glamour Dust™ Glitter Paint * NEW!
DecoArt Galaxy Glitter Acrylic * NEW!
DecoArt Pouring Packs * NEW!
DecoArt Pouring & Topcoat Mediums * NEW!
DecoArt Ultimate Glow in the Dark Paint - 2oz * NEW!
Golden Acrylic Paint
Holbein Acryla Gouache
Liquitex Acrylics
Marabu Acryl Mousse * NEW!
Marabu Art Spray * NEW!
Pebeo Studio Acrylics
Reeves Acrylic Paint Sets
Rheotech Acrylics
Royal & Langnickel Acrylic Set
Royal & Langnickel Clearview Acrylic Set * NEW!
Sargent Art Acrylic Paint
Sennelier Abstract Acrylic
START Academic Acrylics
Talens Art Creations Acrylic Sets * NEW!
Tri-Art High Viscosity Acrylics
Tri-Art Liquid Acrylic
Tri-Art Liquid Mirror Acrylic Paint
Tri-Art Sludge
Tri-Art Spectral Colour
True Colour Artists' Acrylic
Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic Paint *staff pick!
Encaustic Paint
Enkaustikos Anodized Aluminum Plates
Enkaustikos Hot Cakes Encaustics
Enkaustikos Hot Sticks Encaustic Paint
Enkaustikos Encaustic Hot Tools
Enkaustikos Sundries Encaustic Mediums
Gouache Paint
Dr. Ph. Martin's Bleed Proof White
Holbein Acryla Gouache
Liquitex Professional Acrylic Gouache - 59mL
Pébéo Studio Gouache
Reeves Gouache Set
Royal & Langnickel Gouache Paint Set
Savoir-Faire Opaque Watercolour Gouache Sets
Talens Art Creations Gouache Sets * NEW!
Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache
Miscellaneous Paints
Curry's Paint Sets
Dry-Ground Pigments
Face Paints
Gamblin Dry Pigment
Jacquard Mehndi Henna Kit
Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments
Pébéo Chalkboard Paint
Pébéo Magnetic Paint
Reeves 12 Tube Paint Sets *staff pick!
Reeves School Value Packs ***
Richeson Shiva Casein Paint & Mediums
Sargent Art Paint Sets
Oil Paint
Daniel Smith Original Oil Paint * NEW!
Gamblin Artist Grade Oil Colour
Gamblin FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colour
Grumbacher MG Underpainting White Oil Colour
Grumbacher Pre-tested Soft White Oil Colour
M. Graham Artists' Oil Colours *staff pick!
Old Holland Classic Oil Colour
Pébéo Studio Fine XL Oil Colours
Pébéo XL Studio Oil Colour Sets
Reeves Oil Set
Schmincke Mussini Oil Colour
Sennelier Rive Gauche Fine Oil Colour
Shiva Artist's Oil Paintstiks
Talens Art Creations Oil Paint Sets * NEW!
Van Gogh Oil Paint
Williamsburg Handmade Oil Paint
Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil *staff pick!
Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Oil Paints
Winton Oils by Winsor & Newton *staff pick!
Oil Colour - Water Mixable
Artisan Water Mixable Oils
Cobra Study Water Mixable Oil Colour
Cobra Artist Water Mixable Oil Colour
Reeves Water Mixable Oil Sets
Paint Cleaners
Kiss-off Stain Remover
Master's Hand & Brush Cleaners
Pink Soap™ Brush Cleaner
Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner & Restorer
Tempera & Kids Paint
Micador Early Start No-Drip Finger Paint * NEW!
Finger Paints
Sargent Washable Liquid Watercolours
Metallic Tempera Paint
Kid's Smart Smock
Micador Early Start Splash Mat * NEW!
Micador Early Start Washable Paint Disc Packs * NEW!
Micador Early Start Stuff for Painting * NEW!
Micador jR. Kits * NEW!
Micador jR. Paint & Accessories * NEW!
Micador Early Start Art Smock * NEW!
Micador Early Start Bubblegum Brush 2-Pack * NEW!
Tempera Paint
Watercolour Paint
Cotman by Winsor & Newton *staff pick!
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour - Half Pan Sets * NEW!
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour
Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Travel Set - 12 Half Pans
Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Concentrated Dye
Ecoline Liquid Watercolour Sets
Sargent Washable Liquid Watercolours
Holbein Artists' Watercolour
Royal & Langnickel Essentials™ Clearview Watercolour Set * NEW!
Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Wheel
M. Graham Artists' Watercolours *staff pick!
Pelikan Opaque Watercolour Pan Set
Prang Oval Watercolour Pan Sets
QoR Modern Watercolours *staff pick!
Reeves Watercolour Sets
Royal & Langnickel 'Essentials' Watercolour Set
Sakura® Koi Watercolour Sets *staff pick!
Sargent Art Supreme Watercolour Sets
Schmincke Horadam® Watercolour 15ml Tubes & Half-Pans
Sennelier French Artists' Watercolour
Talens Art Creations Watercolour Sets * NEW!
Van Gogh Watercolour Pocket Box Sets
Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour *staff pick!
Yarka Student Watercolour Sets
Yarka St. Petersburg Watercolour Sets *staff pick!
Painting Accessories
Graduated Mixing Cups
Heritage Canvas Painting Apron
Liquitip Plastic Squeeze Bottles
Paint Saver Keys
Plastic Syringes & Droppers
Sargent Plastic Tray & Cups