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Iwata HP Airbrushes - BC Parts
Please call customer service: 1-800-268-2969 for details on how to order

NO.1/I1101/Needle Cap/HPA, HPB, HPSB
NO.1/I1102/Needle Cap/HPC, HPBC
NO.2/I1401/0.2mm Nozzle Cap/HPA
NO.2/I1402/0.2mm Nozzle Cap/HPB, HPSB
NO.2/I1403/0.3mm Nozzle Cap/HPC, HPBC optional
NO.2/I1404/0.4mm Nozzle Cap/HPC, HPBC optional
NO.3/I0801/0.2mm Fluid Nozzle/HPA
NO.3/I0802/0.2mm Fluid Nozzle/HPB, HPSB
NO.3/I0803/0.3mm Fluid Nozzle/HPC, HPBC optional
NO.3/I0804/0.4mm Fluid Nozzle/HPC, HPBC optional
NO.4/I0751/0.2mm Fluid Needle/HPA
NO.4/I0752/0.2mm Fluid Needle/HPB, HPSB
NO.4/I0753/0.3mm Fluid Needle/HPC, HPBC optional
NO.4/I0754/0.4mm Fluid Needle/HPC, HPBC optional
NO.5/I1501/Packing Fluid Needle/HPA, HPB, HPSB
NO.5/I1502/Packing Fluid Needle/HPC, HPBC
NO.6/I1251/Needle Packing Screw/HPA, HPB, HPSB, HPC, HPBC
NO.7/I1001/Main Lever/HPA, HPB, HPSB
NO.7/I1002/Main Lever/HPC
NO.7/I1003/Main Lever/Piston/HPBC
NO.8/I0401/Auxilary Lever/HPA, HPB, HPSB
NO.8/I1404/Auxilary Lever/HPC
NO.8/I0405/Auxilary Lever/HPBC
NO.9/I1151/Needle Chucking Guide/HPA, HPB, HPSB
NO.9/I1152/Needle Chucking Guide/HPC, HPBC
NO.10/I1352/Needle Spring/HPA, HPB, HPSB
NO.10/I1353/Needle Spring/HPC, HPBC
NO.11/I1701/Spring Guide/HPA, HPB, HPSB
NO.11/I1702/Spring Guide/HPC, HPBC
NO.12/I1751/Valve Piston/HPA, HPB, HPSB, HPC
NO.14/I1451/Packing Air Piston/HPA, HPB, HPSB, HPC, HPBC
NO.15/I0301/Air Valve Set/HPA, HPB, HPSB
NO.15/I0304/Air Valve Set/HPC, HPBC
NO.15a/I0251/Air Valve Guide/HPA, HPB, HPSB, HPC, HPBC
NO.15b/I0201/Air Valve Body/HPA, HPB, HPSB, HPC, HPBC
NO.15c/I0151/Air Valve/HPA, HPB, HPSB
NO.15c/I0154/Air Valve/HPC, HPBC
NO.15d/I0351/Air Valve Spring/HPA, HPB, HPSB, HPC, HPBC
NO.16/I1201/Needle Chucking Nut/HPA, HPB, HPSB
NO.16/I1202/Needle Chucking Nut/HPC, HPBC
NO.17/I1901/Handle/HPA, HPB, HPSB
NO.17/I1902/Handle/HPC, HPBC
NO.18/I1551/Pre Set Handle/HPA, HPB, HPSB - all optional
NO.18/I1552/Pre Set Handle/HPC optional, HPBC
NO.21/I0956/Lid Lower 1/8oz.,1/4oz./HPSB
NO.22/I0452/Blanking Cover/HPSB
NO.23/I4052/Glass Bottles-3/4oz./HPC
NO.23/I4202/Glass Bottles-11/2oz./HPC
NO.26/I0451/Blanking Screw/HPBC
NO.27/I1505/Packing Lower Lid (gasket)/HPSB
NO.--/I1050/Crown Cap/all optional
NO.--/I1601/Quick Disconnect Set/all optional
NO.--/I1602/Quick DisConnect Adaptor/all optional
NO.--/J001/Adaptor/all optional
NO.--/J002/Adaptor/all optional
NO.--/I0703/Fluid Cup-Side cup 1/8oz.
NO.--/I0704/Fluid Cup-Side cup w/lid 1/4oz
NO.--/I0701/Fluid Cup-Right side 1/2oz.
NO.--/I0702/Fluid Cup-Left side 1/2oz.

Please call our Customer Service Department toll free 1-800-268-2969 to order spare parts. Take down the NO. of the part you need, and one of our representatives will check the stock availability and place your order.
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