It’s finally March and as much as we loved the chill and cozy vibes of Winter, we here at Curry’s are delighted to welcome the warmth and refreshing atmosphere of Spring.  From the vibrant green grass to the pastel pink petals we have something special just for you!

A special Springtime box complete with everything you need to get into some watercolour painting! This box includes: A Fabriano Watercolour Pad that features 140 lb (300gsm) cold-press acid-free textured watercolor paper in bright white that works for all wet techniques as well as lifting and scrubbing for students and professionals. Art Alternatives Set of 12 watercolour paints, Which contains tubes of vivid colors that can be thinned with water to create transparent washes. It includes titanium white, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, vermilion, crimson, viridian, cobalt blue, Prussian blue, violet, burnt sienna, burnt umber and lamp black. For all those paints and we’ve also included the Mungyo Travel Set, a light weight and easy to carry tin perfect for your brushes, paints and pans! Additionally, we’ve got a few other easter eggs in this box to complete your creative experience!

Explore, have fun, and be amazed by the creativity within you!

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Video transcript: Hi and welcome to Curry’s creative wellness box inspirational video.
This box we’re going to focus on watercolour and creating your own palettes. So here’s everything we have included in the solo box set. We have our Fabriano pad, our Art Alternatives watercolour paint, two brushes, a micron pen, and your palette.

So, we're going to open our palette. This is an amazing palette because you can mix your own colours, swap them out. You can get additional pans and swap them out for whatever you're working on. So, I'm just going to show you how they fit in here. They click in really really easy, We have 6 small ones, and 2 large ones. This is also a great palette for travel.

So here I'm going to mix some colours. I've already decided what I'm going to paint, so I'm going to mix a light dusty rose here and use the back of my brush to mix it. I'll pop it in, and now I'll mix another colour. I'm going to make a darker green, so we have green, black and a little bit of yellow. I’m going to put white in one of the larger containers, and tap it on the counter to get it nice and flat.

My first piece is going to be of a peony, and it's going to be a bit abstract. So I'm going to lay my colour down, just in kind of an intuitive blob. And sort of map out where my drawing is going to be. Now with a pencil that I already have, I'm just drawing out my flower where I'd like it to lay. And using a really hard pencil so it goes on pretty light. Using the micron that's included, I'm going to trace over that. Doing my outline first and then I'll add a few little details afterwards.
Now I'm going to go in and add some cross hatching, just hatching where there would be shadows, where there would be some defining features on the flower. This is a quick and easy way to make a beautiful painting for spring. And here it is finished, I love how simplistic yet detailed it turned out.

Next work is going to be fairly easy, so I've drawn out the letter R. You could do this for yourself or a friend. I’ve used a light pencil, and all around the R I'm going to do some watercolour florals. So, you want to fill in as much space as you can all around the R because afterwards we're going to erase the pencil and we should just get a nice silhouette, outline sort of this letter. And it doesn't have to be floral, it could be just colours, really anything to fill the space. So again, just adding as much detail as I can right inside of the R so that you can tell that its an R after you erase the pencil. I love this method because you could do this with different shapes or even full words as well. So for instance, for easter you could do a outline of a bunny and you could fill inside of the bunny or outside and erase the pencil and you would just have your shape or letter or work left, and it's just a really beautiful way to display something simplistic.
So I'm just finishing up my last few details here, and then grab any eraser and just erase that pencil line and reveal your letter. And here it is, finished. So simple and so cute.

When I think of spring, I think of Daffodils. I'm going to do a quick watercolour of some daffodils. I’m going to outline with a pencil, you don’t always have to outline with a pencil but I like to just keep my thoughts in order. So I'm just sketching it out lightly.
I’m going to mix a yellow to use and I'm going to use my smallest brush and outline it first. I’m going to go in and add some of the darker colour and let that sit in where the shadows would be, and then mix a little bit of a lighter colour to add onto the tips of the flowers. This is another reason I love this palette because you have so much space to mix on it as well, and it closes up so compact. So now that I've done that to both flowers, I’m going to work on the leaves and the stems. So I've mixed a dark green, and just placing shadows where shadows should go. So if the leaves are overlapping, I’m going to do a bit of a darker green. I’m going to keep the background pretty simple, so I’m going to do a misty blue just to allow the flowers to be the focal point. So I’m going to give this to my mom because I think of her when I see daffodils and its a beautiful spring time flower.

So the last thing I’m going to make is a little bit more unconventional. If you have eggs, perfect. I know a lot of people like to decorate eggs for Easter and egg shells tend to be a little bit porous, so they will actually hold the watercolour (not as well as paper haha) but it can look really interesting. I've done this before with alcohol inks but this is the first time with watercolour and I have to say, it looks pretty nice. It’s a really dainty way to decorate them. Something a little different. Here’s one I did previously, and I’m going in and adding a few little details onto it with my detailer brush. And you can do anything you like here, abstract, words. I'm going to do an E on here for easter. And it’s just a fun way to decorate eggs quickly and you can keep layering your watercolour, do any design on it you like and really personalize it. Here are the two finished eggs. I love the way the watercolour turned out on these. This would also be a really fun activity to do with other people, so let me know if you try it.

So there’s our video, thank you so much for watching. If you have any questions, give us a call or send us an email. And don't forget to share your creations, wed love to see what you created so use the hashtag #CurrysArtWellness. Thanks again and have fun creating! Bye!

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