November is here and it’s time to get cozy with a warm drink and some calligraphy. The visual art of making beautiful writing is something that you’ve most certainly seen. Perhaps you’re familiar with the European style of calligraphy, most recognizable as the medieval style of font. Maybe the Eastern Asian style of calligraphy comes to mind? Or you could be thinking of something more modern like the font used in Star Wars.
All of these are great examples of calligraphy, and with this month’s box you too can experiment and create your own font art!

In your box you’ll find a Beginner Lettering Set by Tombow, with Dual Brush Pens with flexible brush tip for big, bold letters and fine tip for details, Calligraphy pen with petite brush tip twin tip black permanent marker, bullet tip and fine point smudge proof 4H pencil for sketching lines, and a premium eraser removes guidelines without damaging paper or ink drawing. You'll also find A Doubleheader Calligraphy Marker by Itoya with two chisel points give the option of thick or thin lines: a wide point (3.0mm) for bold, distinctive lines and a thin point (1.5mm) for smaller, intricate designs. Water-soluble, acid-free ink. On top of that, is our signature hardcover sketchbook, calligraphy paper by Sennelier, some Strathmore cards and much more!

Explore, have fun, and be amazed by the creativity within you!

Please SHARE YOUR CREATIONS with us! Check out our social media channels, give us a follow and post what you create this month (and every month) using Hashtag: #CurrysArtWellness in your comments. We'd love to see what you make!

Remember - our customer service team is here to help with any questions, or creative suggestion with this month's box or any other ideas you have that are waiting to be explored!

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