Featured Artist - Emily Gaudet


My intention is to make compelling mixed media art that either hones in on the history architecture carries, or completely strips them of their context and distils them to nothing but relationship of shape, line, texture, colour, and surface.
I'm drawn to architecture because often, with older builds, you can see the layers of time. You can see what used to be there, what is there now, and often can see the layers of memories peaking through peeling paint, or a torn down addition off to the side. I hope to convey the value of patience and observation, and bring attention to what we walk past everything day because these places signify inspiration and memories.
I hope to raise appreciation of architecture by presenting it as engagingly as possible through aesthetic and composition. I hope my art can disclose their content in layers of meaning that can be rewarded richly with viewing and reminiscing.

Emily is one of our many talented artists working with Curry's, she produces high quality content for our social media!

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